Oh Say Can You See??

Do you recognize these words? Do you know where they came from? Yes, this is our National Anthem. It was written as a poem by Francis Scott Key on September 14,1814. Key was a 35 year old lawyer in Washington DC during the War of 1812. The War of 1812 was the second war thatContinue reading “Oh Say Can You See??”

Shot Heard Around the World !

Where am I?? The date is April 19,1775. The videos and images give clues to a very important location in the history of the United States. At the end of this blog, I will reveal the answer. Did you figure out where I am? I am in Massachusetts. I am at a location where aContinue reading “Shot Heard Around the World !”

December 25th

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Wretched Winter

The year was 1607 and England was desperate to rise to power in a competition against rival Spain. Spain had already colonized parts of North America and gained much wealth from the discovery of gold in the southwest region. In an attempt to gain power and riches, King James I formed the Virginia Company andContinue reading “Wretched Winter”

Truly a Thanksgiving or Not

The date was November 11,1620 when the Mayflower arrived off the coast of what is today Massachusetts. This was not their plan, however, here they were. This small group of people from England originally planned to join the Virginia Company’s chartered land into what is today Manhattan but a storm had different plans. The Mayflower,Continue reading “Truly a Thanksgiving or Not”